Thug Hero Party 2.00
"Ryuujin" are the chosen few by a deity called "Ryuu". 
For the world and its people, Ryuujin have long battled a wicked lord. 
On the smaller scale, there is an unremarkable village 
In which. 
He, having a slight inferiority complex, passes the time 
With his little sister Tori, a playmate named Lotia (who is now a Ryuujin), 
His (her) scholar Crimina, and a tomboyish princess named Aina. 
The decision is made to vanquish the wicked lord once and for all. 
It's the top priority of all Ryuujin henceforth, including Lotia. 
Lotia reluctantly consents to sex with the hero of her party, Variges, 
People from. 
Imos can only stand and watch this injustice take place ......